Sand Creek Orchestra

The SCHS Orchestra is the premier string ensemble in the SCHS Instrumental Music Department.  This ensemble plays quality literature and hold the highest standards of performance.  The ensemble will participate in a C.H.S.A.A. and the C.A.S.T.A. and Mountain View regional festival each year where the ensemble will be rated on musicality and technical accuracy.  Orchestra members are expected and encouraged to participate in chamber music and/or perform solos in addition to ensemble performances.  Opportunities to perform in standard instrumental chamber ensembles such as string quartets will be provided to all students.  Also, auditioning and volunteering for Honor Orchestras is highly encouraged.  Students will receive multiple opportunities to audition for one of these ensembles each school year.

Prerequisite:  Admission to the Orchestra is by director approval, and at least 2 years prior playing experience is recommended.