How Does The Program Work? 

Purchase a King Soopers’ reloadable gift card for $5.00 from Sand Creek Band Boosters.  Contact Whitney Norris to buy your card.  You will receive a card with $5.00 on it. Reload it at any check-out prior to your purchase, and the band will receive 5% back for the general band fund. Reloadable gift cards can be used to purchase anything at King Soopers, (including prescriptions) except services.

Exempt Services: Western Union Money Orders, Ticket Master, Postage Stamps, Lottery Tickets and other Gift Cards.

Each time you shop, reload your card first with the cashier prior to ringing up your items. The gift card must be reloaded in a SEPARATE transaction prior to your groceries being scanned. You can use cash, checks, or a charge card to reload any balance from $2.50 up to $500.00 at a time.

Every 4 weeks (mid-month), King Soopers will send the Band Boosters a check if our group has reloaded $5,000 or more for that period. If less than $5,000 is loaded in the 4-week period, they will not send a check until after the period that we have reached $5,000. 

Additional Card Sales: 
You can buy as many cards as you would like. Anyone who shops at King Soopers is a potential customer (relatives, neighbors, friends, co-workers, total strangers). King Soopers gift cards are accepted at MOST Kroger affiliated store throughout the U.S.

These include: 

Loaf ‘N Jug 

Fred Meyer 



Smith’s Food & Drug 
City Market 


Food 4 Less 




Baker’s JAY 

Maybe you have a college student or older parent that could use a card? You can reload it for them too! Write down the ID number on the back of the card so you have it; then visit the customer service desk at King Soopers to reload the card. Loading money on a card that is not in your possession can ONLY be completed at the customer service desk.

Additional Info: 
1. Cards may become demagnetized. Have the clerk key in the card number, use the balance and purchase a new card from the Sand Creek Band Boosters. 

2. Cards with a zero balance will become inactive after 90 days and you will need to purchase a new one. 

3. Lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or tossed cards will not be replaced by King Soopers. 

4. Gift cards cannot be purchased directly from King Soopers. The cards at the store are not linked to GBBC. Contact Whitney Norris to purchase your card.

5. There are four ways to get your gift card balance: bottom of receipt, from your cashier, or call 866-822-6252.

6. Each card is identified by a number assigned to the person who purchases it. Cards will be linked to individual accounts for fundraising during trip years only, rather than the general fund.

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