Honor Bands

All-State Band/Orchestra, All-City CU & CSU Honor Bands


All SCIM students are highly encouraged to audition for honor bands.  With the exception of All-State and All-City Band, any student grades 9-12 is eligible to submit an audition for an honor band.  Only Juniors and Seniors may audition for All-State Band. All grade levels can Audition for All-City however!

Download the honor band audition packet below and print the excerpts for your instrument found in the Member Area (Email Mr. Evans for the Code).  MOST INSTRUMENTS HAVE TWO (2) REQUIRED EXCERPTS!  Make sure you print and prepare both of them.  In addition to the prepared piece, you must also prepare the following scales:

2-Octave Major Scale - 16th notes at quarter note=112bpm

2-Octave Harmonic Minor Scale - 8th notes at quarter note=120bpm

Full Range Chromatic Scale - Slurred at 80bpm

All-State Band also requires sight-reading at the audition.

Audition Excerpts/Downloads for ALL Honor Bands

Go to the Member Area to access the Excerpts


Colorado All-State Band Information

Why should I audition for all-state?

CSU-Pueblo Festival of Winds

To be recommended for the CSU-Pueblo Festival of Winds you must meet the following criteria: 
· Have an “A” in Symphonic Band / Wind Ensemble
· Not have any unexcused absences from rehearsals or performances 
· Have passed all playtests with a “B” or higher.  Be an exemplary participant in the SCIM program (practice, volunteer, leadership, participate in fundraisers, etc.).