Marching Band Freshmen F.A.Q.'s

Is it possible to be a member of the marching band and participate in other school activities, such as athletics, JROTC and STUCO?
YES! Anyone and everyone who has a desire to be a part of the SCHS Marching Band can participate!  Conflicts with athletic practices are manageable, and any scheduling issues can be easily worked out between the band, student(s) and athletic department.

When does the Marching Band rehearse?
Marching Band does not meet during the school day.  Currently the marching band rehearses 4 days per week (Mon-Thurs) from 3-4:30pm and for a block of time (usually 10am-2pm) on Saturdays.  Marching Band at Sand Creek is considered a "9th Hour Class," and students receive a grade and earn .5 Fine Arts or P.E. credit for the course.  Every effort is made to make the most of our time together and limit the number of hours that our students must devote to the band.  This allows for all students to pursue their other academic and extra-curricular interests during their time at Sand Creek.

When does the Marching Band perform?
The marching band serves a dual purpose during the fall, first as a competitive unit in marching competitions against other high school bands across Colorado and also as one of the largest spirit organizations on campus!  The Marching Band performs in parades and at every home football game, not just at half-time, but from the pregame ceremonies until the end of the game!  Beginning in September, the band begins to travel around the state competing in regional and state level marching competitions.

Are students of all ability levels accepted into the Marching Band?
YES!  We will instruct students at every ability level so that they may all contribute to the marching band!  Everyone is needed in order for us all to be successful!

What is Summer Band/Band Camp?
Because our practice opportunities are limited once school begins, we hold several weeks of practices before school starts in order to provide instruction in fundamental marching and playing techniques, and to begin to learn the competition show.  Attendance for all students is critical since we have extra staff members to assist students, a large percentage of the competition show is learned, and the majority of marching instruction occurs during this time!

I'm not sure that high school band/orchestra is for me?
High School Band and Orchestra is certainly different than Middle School, and it requires a large commitment from all students/parents who are involved.  That being said, it is a great experience and one in which you will make lasting memories and great friends!  All freshmen are encouraged to try it out . . . you will not regret it!  If you have any specific concerns or questions, please contact Mr. Evans!